Here’s a map of all venues/locations for OLX 2019:

Main parties Saturday and Sunday
Originally built as a cinema in 1928 this venue, now renovated to a live music and theatre venue, has the perfect vintage flair. Big wooden dancefloor and great sound, perfectly laid out with two bars and a lounge area overlooking the dancefloor, so even when you need to rest your feet you won’t miss any of the action!

Sunday tea-dance
BLS (Storsalen)
Spacious, wooden dance floor – all we need for a nice tea dance.

Saturday morning social dance, class and start of Jazzy Tour
Kulturhuset (Laben)
One of our favorite bars/cafes/clubs/places, with many rooms. We’ll be upstairs in Laben (the Lab), which has a smooth concrete floor. There’s a cafe downstairs with nice breakfast items for sale, and several bars.

Sunday morning sauna and social dance
An art installation in itself, but also a nice place for food, music, dancing and sauna. We’ll be dancing on “dance mats”, but the sauna is great, and so is the view and the atmosphere.