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OLX 2018 Facebook event

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Who are we?

Oslo Lindy Exchange is backed by Bårdar Swing Club (who runs the local lindy hop scene and other events such as Winter Jump).

The main organisation team consists of Vivienne, Elisabeth, Tuva and Erik. We are addicted dancers, local lindy hop teachers, and enthusiastic organisers. Tuva and Elisabeth have been running the local parties for a while, and were keen on organising something bigger and more extravagant. Erik wanted to do something with the fact that Oslo did not have a lindy hop exchange. One day, probably at a social dance, we were talking about this, and Vivienne quickly became engaged, so we agreed there was no reason not to go for it.

We are really looking forward to seeing you at the first ever OLX!
(and hopefully you like it enough to make it a yearly event)

Photo credits: Winter Jump photobooth by Annette Jahr