Practical info

Getting around

Ruter is the public transport in Oslo. You can download the app Ruter Billett to buy tickets on your smartphone and also Ruter Reise for travel planning. Most of Oslos public transport routes and timetables are also integrated in Google Maps.

Tickets for zone 1 (and none of our venues are outside zone 1) cost 35 NOK for one hour, 105 NOK for 24 hours or 249 NOK for 7 days, and are valid on buses (some operate all night), trams, subways, local trains and even a few passenger boats.

Oslo City Bikes are public bikes available all over the city. For 49nok you can ride as much as you like for 24 hours (however the bikes are locked from 6am to midnight, so unfortunately this is not an option to use for returning home after the evening parties). Download the Oslo Bysykkel app to access maps and rent bikes.

A lot of our venues are within walking distance from each other. But late October is pretty unpredictable when it comes to weather, so make sure to check the weather reports close to arrival if you plan to walk (or bike) around town, and bring appropriate outdoor clothes and shoes. We don’t want you to freeze or walk around soaking wet!

Oslo sights

If this is your first visit to Oslo we strongly encourage you to join in on the OLX Treasure hunt. That will bring you to some of Oslos famous sights, and perhaps some more unknown places. It will start at the Oslo Opera House.


We will try to offer hosting to everyone that would like. This is a nice way to get to know new people, and we know that Norway might be expensive, but staying with local dancers is cheap 🙂 You can indicate in the registration form whether you want to be hosted (or to host).

There are of course lots of hotels, hostels and apartments to choose between too – we can try to give you some recommendations if you want.

Emergency numbers

Should you find yourself in an emergency:
Call 110 in case of fire or major accidents
Call 112  for police
Call 113  for ambulance medical emergencies